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So, this Sunday in 12th of May 2016 me and my friends are participating in the 5K DV Run 2016. It is a marathon run which was held in Ancol by the KMBD UKM. I participated in this run because I think it would be fun if me and my friends run together and it’s healthy to run so why not. We arrived there at about 6 in the morning by Grab car. We were still very sleepy though so we slept all the way until Ancol. When we arrived there, we saw a lot of food and drink stands. At 6.30 we do warmups first before we run. After the warmups is the fun part, we will run from Pasar Seni Ancol and all the way until we go back to Pasar Seni. It was about 5 kilometers but it felt like nothing because the run was very fun. We do a little race until finish but we weren’t the first to the finish line. It was some muscular guy but he’s not from Binus for sure. After the run, we were given the medallion and we got free drinks from YOUC1000. Then we eat a lot, so the run was not very useful after all because the food and drink stands looked very good that we cant resist. There was a DJ guest star too which he played many cool songs. Then in the afternoon we went home.

I learned a lot of things from this event for example, we need to conserve energy smartly so that we can run all the way until finish. And also I learned about helping each other and to improve relation with another runners not only Binusian. From this run, I saw a lot of children roaming in the street with no parents and that is why we runners become more considerate about others and the children. I hope from this run the children will become responsible to themselves so that they can live good and can have good work from them. Many children in Indonesia become stranded because of low on financial and economy and some of their parents are not responsible for their own children. Indonesia has many environment to help the children such as free healthcare and also free education for 9 years.


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